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Open day at Ellanbrae Park, Clinic and KWPN breeders, owners and riders group On our recent trip to the Netherlands, amongst other things, we spoke to the KWPN about establishing an association of breeders, owners and riders of KWPN horses in Australia. It is already possible to obtain foal book registration with the KWPN for foals that have either KWPN or KWPN-recognised parents. Some of the other European studbooks already annually send assessors to Australia to classify foals, mares and stallions. The KWPN is interested in exploring having Australian-bred KWPN horses assessed and classified. To that end, we are holding an open day at Ellanbrae Park on Saturday 15 June 2013 with a view to forming an Australian association of KWPN breeders, owners and riders. We hope that this association will be a fun way to get together those people interested in KWPN horses to enjoy and promote KWPN horses in Australia. Emmy de Jeu, who is a breeder of fantastic horses, selection committee member for the Borculo foal auction and a board member of the KWPN, will be at Ellanbrae Park to kick things off. We invite you to join us for what will be a fun day complete with clinic open to fence sitters (details to follow), presentations by Emmy de Jeu, and an open day at Ellanbrae Park. Please let us know if you can come along so we can cater accordingly (via facebook, email: or phone 03 5426 4887)   Driveway 1

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